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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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9news now. bro brought to you in hd by fios. a network ahead. hello, i'm bruce leshan. bruce johnson is off tonight. a recruiter for dc semiprofessional team was
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gunned away feet away from where the team was practicing. it happened in a high school parking lot. our ken molestina is there live now. ken? >> reporter: bruce, that recruiter we are talking about 36-year-old ralph thomas the victim of this murder. the man that police suspect is behind the murder is omar crawford a man who apparently tried out for this football team. i want to give you an idea of what this all looked like here tonight. this is the area where the team practiced and played. that fight that disturbance somehow spilled out into this parking lot area and it was just over my shoulder in that corner of the parking lot that thomas would be killed. killed. >> reporter: this teenage eyewitness we have chosen not to identify said he saw and heard it all. saturday police investigators returned to the scene of the murder in homes of finding more answers. >> i guess the boy was trying to get to him but then he had
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something else on his mind so he ran over to his bag, got his gun and was chasing a man around the corner. then finally when he got close he started shooting. >> reporter: ralph thomas is described by those as a man who cared for his community. according to the falcons owner as the general manager of personnel forel team he spent his time recruiting athletes. last night his life was cut short after being gunned down in the parking lot of mckinly high tech right where the team practiced. they charged omar crawford with first-degree murder. he recently made the team but never returned after trying out. now the neighbor's commission err is sounding off on the murder. >> it is particularly hard with such a brazen act while there were others out participating in the activity of semipro football in the community. >> back out live here police have yet to give any motive for
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this brutal killing. did i have a chance to speak to the victim's mother earlier today on the phone. the family was too upset to give us an on camera interview but we do understand the victim leaves behind four children. we are live in northeast dc tonight, ken molestina. >> that is just additional. storms may be coming around and some of them we understand may be severe, anny? >> chance for severe weather is in our forecast, bruce. here is a look at live doppler 9000 hd where you can see basically out really more toward baltimore we have got some showers and thunderstorms heading basically south. could impact the bay. also to the metro area looking for a chance for showers developing tonight. also we are looking at just out toward the west some showers, thunderstorms could be coming in overnight probably as you are sleeping for most areas. doppler radar 9000 showing us you can see some of the lightening strikes associated with the storms up to the north of us and then out toward the
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west we are watching this storm system. you can see a severe thunderstorm watch and this air will be coming this way in the next several hours. so sunday does look unsettled. in fact, here is a look at the risk for some severe weather. the area in yellow is a slight risk for severe thunderstorms for tomorrow. main threat being gusty winds and hail. so overnight mostly cloudy, scattered showers and isolated storms. lows 58 to 65 degrees. winds will be light. as you're waking up tomorrow morning heading out the door well bring the umbrella, showers, thunderstorms tomorrow. monday, 9 and 11 also. we could see a chance for showers. temperatures in the mid-70s by 11 p.m. a warmup we will talk about a little later, bruce. >> thank you, anny. friends and family gathered to remember the 19-year-old mother that was killed last august but so far her body has not been found. police say her killers lured her to an apartment then choked and beat her to death.
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they believe her body was dumped in a land fill near richmond, virginia. funeral services for juaneta and jaylin right are set for saturday in northeast washington. the 20-year-old wright and her 1-year-old daughter were murdered in a prince george's county park this week. prosecutors charged dc police officer richmond phillips with killing them. police say phillips met wright in the park the night before he faced a paternity hearing. good news tonight for women with a high risk of breast cancer. a just released study finds that a new drug cut in half the risk of developing the disease in post-menopausal patients. the drug exesemestan is sold by pfizer. it is better on other drugs on the market because it has fewer harmful side effects. a parade of pink took over
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the streets of downtown washington today for the susan g. koman race for the cure. wow, look at that. annual event raising $5 million for breast cancer research and programs and 75% of that money stays right here in the dc area. many of the more than 40,000 participants were survivors, others were friends and loved ones of those fighting the disease. 9news now was a sponsor of the event and our own andrea roane was mistress of ceremonies. there are so many so many stories of survival that we heard today at our race. our kristin fisher brings us two. a survivor and what they call the co-survivor of the year. >> reporter: montgomery county firefighter marshall moneymaker is not a survivor but he has lost three sisters to breast cancer. >> when vicky was diagnosed i
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kind of was that's sad. went on my way. didn't really affect me a whole lot. i just got involved being the baby brother. >> survivors that he met through susan g. koman. he asked karen to add her name as well. >> that was such an honor. >> reporter: karen was diagnosed with breast cancer when just 30 years old. >> back in 1981 there were not any support organizations. that is why i like to get involved and i like to be an inspiration for the younger women to show them that 30 years later they can be here too. >> people call firemen heros. we are not heros. the survivors are heros. they got up every morning and faced this disease and this treatment and beat it. they are true heros. >> these two started the day as stainingers but they strangers
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strange -- strangers. i would like a new sister. >> hi, brother. >> i have lost three but gained so many more. >> reporter: kristin fisher, 9news now. >> great. some good news today for a whole bunch of children. dozens of families turned out at turkey thicket recreation center in northeast washington for a special celebration. they are among the families who have succeeded in turning their lives around and having their children releaseed from foster care. city officials and community service organizations were on hand for today's celebration. >> it is about rebuilding families even though our families have been in crisis what we know is they are resilient and what they just need is some support so they can make it through the tough times because everybody goes through tough times regardless of their circumstances but these families are just extraordinary and we want to celebrate them today. >> last year 200 dc children were reunited with parents or guardians after a temporary stay in foster homes.
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still ahead on 9news now. there were some shimmies and some shakes but no handcuffs. we will show you a protest with a beat. but first, why the embattled leader of yemen has left his country tonight. where he went. and who is leading the nation there. ♪
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the embattled president of yemen went to saudi arabia so doctors can treat the wounds he suffered. al-qaida seems to be following deeper and deeper into chaos. former secretary of state lawrence eagleburger died this weekend in charlottesville after a brief illness. he was 80 years old. he was the only career foreign service officer to rise to secretary of state. he began his 27-year career as an executive assistant to henry kissinger and served under george h. w. bush. his wife marlene died late last year. u.s. air flight 1549 finally
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making it to charlotte, north carolina. the plane is the one captain sully landed in the hudson river. he and the other 150 others were heading to charlotte. today workers loaded the plane on a flatbed to make the trip complete with all the dirt and dings from the emergency landing. passengers who survived that miraculous landing actually got to help push the plane onto the truck. >> i actually was very interested to see the nose of the plane. >> the passengers always had the debate was it a crash or was it a landing? kind of looks like a crash when you see all this stuff. >> the u.s. airplane will have a new home at the carolinas aviation museum. a forensic expert of its testifies that a hair removed from the trunk of casey
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anthony's car is consistent with that of a dead person. it comes on day 10 of the trial of casey anthony charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter. the hair found in anthony's trunk had a darkened band at the root, something she says is consistent with decomposition. coming up on 9news now. defense secretary robert gates pleads for patience in afghanistan. can he fend off a big troop pullback? and some storms could be coming to the area. how long will they stick around? meteorologist anny hong is back with the full forecast. this is like an iceberg volcano. it's like lightntning in a snowball. it's like frozen hot chocolate. ah! ah! you got it! yeah, i was just reading what was on the cup.
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multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. here is a way for washington for summer visitors to help restore the national mall as they tromp around on the grass. dc and maryland and virginia are offering a check in and help out package through early september. the bethesda based hotel chain says $5 a night will go to the trust for the national mall. the trust is trying to raise $350 million to fix broken sidewalks, clean stagnant pools and replant grass in america's front yard. there was dancing today in
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america's front yard and while thomas jefferson may have approved the u.s. park police did not. last month the youtube video showed police arresting a bunch of people after they started dancing inside the jefferson memorial. so today protestors were back out there defend what they say is their right to free expression. >> i certainly know what thomas jefferson would have said on the on the issue. >> he is protesting funerals. his speech is protected and it should be. just like mine is. just like the right to assemble. >> police did not arrest anyone today but they did close the indoor sanctuary briefly and escort the dancers out of the jefferson. a farewell visit to afghanistan defense secretary robert gates is appealing for patience on the war. the retiring pentagon chief says it is too early to change strategies or withdraw more than modest numbers of u.s.
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troops. withgates said afghans must take more responsibility for their own security. still no confirmation in the death of a top al-qaeda leader after a u.s. drone attack in pakistan. a pakistani intel official says the man was killed in the strike late last night. a militant group says the terrorist leader was martyred and vowed revenge. american had a $5 million bounty on his head. experts say he was a long shot candidate to replace osama bin laden as head of al-qaida. tenemen square quiet tonight. a crackdown on democracy activists. the chinese foreign ministry is lashing out as u.s. calls for a full accounting of the military assault on civilians in 1989. the chinese government says the
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issue is closed. june is national homeownership month and today the district of columbia held its third annual housing expo. the event helps prospective home buyers meet with lenders. housing prices in the washington area are actually on the rise. experts say that has a lot to do with the job market here. >> housing crisis is driven in part by this unemployment we are facing. we are still coming out of a very, very tough recession. we had the worst financial crisis since the great depression. >> experts say even though the washington area is doing far better than most other markets there is still a lot of repair work to do. the expo also hosted a special foreclosure clinic aimed at keeping people in their homes. fire crews in arizona are working to save several communities from two large wild fires. one of those fires is the third largest in the state's history.
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the other is the state's fifth largest. the fire near two pack has burned more than 19,000 acres. firefighters say that fire was lit by someone. the other fire near murphy, arizona, and firefighters have managed to contain just 15% of it. those fires are scary. >> i took a walk around the penn quarter tonight and it was still absolutely beautiful out. you say there is a little bit of trouble brewing. >> we have got some clouds outs there and some storms we are watching out to the west of us and to the north of us. as you're heading back home tonight and as you're sleeping you may hear some rumbles of thunder. also some showers will be coming through and thunderstorms. that's the start of a stormy pattern we are going to start to see here to finish off the weekend. here is doppler live 9. district and metro area we just have cloudy skies. but look out to the north of us. you see gusts and thunderstorms coming down and these are actually heading down straight
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south. i think the bay will be impacted. maybe even the eastern shore and it is out toward the west where we are watching storms come through here and some showers overnight and into your sunday. right now it is 74 degrees outside. does feel pretty nice. mostly cloudy skies. dew point at 57. still comfortable. humidity at 55%. dew point rising tomorrow. a little more humid. we are watching these storms here. severe thunderstorm watches in the area and that's going to eventually make its way to the mid-atlantic overnight and into tomorrow. so we are watching these storms impact us. a slight chance that some could be strong to severe. so sunday does look unsettled. thunderstorms, some strong. maybe severe. only a slight chance in the afternoon. monday is pleasant and warm and then they are warming up again mid-week. we are talking 90s, folks, once again but we dealt with now now. we will see showers and
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thunderstorms. more scattered showers in the afternoon. bring out the umbrella. sun will make an appearance. later in the even a chance of showers as well. monday looking really good. overnight as you're heading to bed. mostly cloudy. lows 58 to 65 degrees. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy with some showers. so grab the umbrella before you head to church or run to the market. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. and then by the afternoon partly to mostly cloudy. scatter the showers and isolated storms possible throughout the day. 83 to 88-degrees the high. upper 80s around our area with that clearing. again, a look at the risk for a slight risk for basically some strong storms for tomorrow afternoon. all right, here is a look at your seven-day forecast. warming up into the upper 80s by tuesday. i talked about that heat wave coming this way. yes, it is happening bruce
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wednesday and thursday in the mid-90s then we cool back down by friday and saturday. but we have acclamated. >> great night for a ballgame here but the question were the nats able to get anything going in arizona? kristin berset is here with the highlights and low lights. >> you could say the low lights. it would have been a great night for a ballgame much the nats probably would have been here. they get two key contributors back in the lineup but still struggle out west. history is made in paris. and hundreds of kids gets to learn from a pro. those and more coming up next in sports.
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now, 9sports with kristin berset. the best sports in town. the nationals were miss ag few key pieces when they got blanked by the diamondbacks last night. jayson werth, laynce nix and rogerr bernadina. one of the few mistakes made. a triple to center. diamondbacks lead 1-0. late in the game nats just couldn't score. michael moore strikes out in the 8th with two on. in the ninth roger pops up with a runner on to end the game. nats get blanked second night a row 2-0. orioles hosting the blue jays at camden yards. bases loaded.
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mark reynolds. orioles win 5-3. >> some college ball tonight. virginia taking on st. john's regionals. first ending the big bot for the whos right here. a shot to left. good-bye. a two-run homer. virginia with an early 2-0 lead then virginia's danny holesten. seven innings three hits allowed and striking out 12 today. u.v. a. wins 10-2. mystics season opener against the sun. first quarter mystics down three. one of the new rookies victoria dunlap with her first basket as a mystic. a baseline presence. two of her team high 16 points. conneticut had just too much tina charles. charles' 18 points. mystics lose 89-73. today's french open women's final paired a defending champ
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with a player still searching for her first title. she won her first grand slam this time last year. her opponent has gotten so close before. just to see it all slip away. who says perseverance doesn't pay off? french open women's final. the near court first set comes to the net and crushes the backhand. giovanni cannot get it. takes the first set. championship point in the tie breaker. in is how it ends. unforced err. the backhand long and for the first time ever a chinese tennis player wins a grand slam. facing each other in seven grand slam finals. the most of any pair in men's tennis history.
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tomorrow makes it number 8. but in paris rafael nadal dominates against roger federer. game tied at 1. a wrister and redirected by mark recchi. bruins led 2-1. then in the third canucks tied the game up. alexandre burrows with a great pass to daniel sedin. just 11 seconds. >> overtime. alexandre burrows gets the easy goal. canucks win 3-2. they lead the series 2-0. some possible future redskins got some football tips today from tightened chris cooley all part of his third football camp in fairfax. about 300 boys and girls are attending this two-day clinic this weekend. for about 3.5 hours they were put through the paces learning all different aspects of the sport and for the first time they had some cheerleaders on
11:31 pm
the sideline. cute faces. cooley's wife is a former redskins cheerleader. she held the inaugural cheerleading camp showing that just because the guys can't play football doesn't mean their community has to stop. sipping the national anthem before a match. all the hopefuls had to sing arkapella. several childrens will be chosen for the great opportunity. great talent out there. >> hard song to sing. >> we have seen that time and time again. >> we are looking for showers, thundershowers overnight into tomorrow and highs around near upper 80s around dc i think. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: [ male announcer ] there's a new ride coming to busch gardens williamsburg --
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